My mother was a stage, umbilical chord: a mic.

And this shit is whack. There’s really no criteria listed. It’s probably just the author’s favorites, but it kinda just looks like someone watched 100 battles and listed them in the order they saw them. If these are supposed to be the Top 100 in terms of importance to the scene and the culture, then…..

How is TheSaurus vs. Illmaculate at 51? Dizaster vs. Caustic & Swave Sevah vs. Big Kannon are above that shit. This undeniably a Top 10 match.

Math Hoffa vs. Iron Solomon is #40? Again….way to give classics credit.

Passwurdz vs. Hollow da Don as low as #30.

Soul Khan vs. Qp as low as #43.

Murda Mook vs. Loaded Lux is #19 and that’s another Top 10 mandatory.


but Cortez vs. TheSaurus makes it all the way to #16 and the number one spot is…….

JC vs. Chilla Jonez? Are you fucking kidding me?

Not to mention there’s only one item representing circuits outside of North America.

Where’s Dumbfoundead vs. Tantrum?

But then again I can’t complain at all if this is just based on what the author enjoys the most. If JC vs. Chilla Jonez is his favorite battle, I can’t tell him otherwise, but if it he thinks it’s the greatest and most important match to the culture, then that’s a different story.

Don’t get it twisted, though. I’m not mad. This is AGL. I’m glad someone at a real web publication would run something on the battle scene as it is today.

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